Tips for planning a MODERN Brand Photoshoot

I recently did a brand photoshoot and thought I’d share some tips with you all! I didn’t want to have corporate-looking & posed photos because that is not my style, I wanted photos that show my unique style! I personally LOVE getting my photo taken (most of the time), but I know not everyone does. Here are my top tips for planning a MODERN brand photoshoot.

Plan ahead

When I’m planning for a shoot, I create a table in Google docs that maps out the entire shoot. First, choose 1-3 topics for the shoot (depending on how much time you have & what you’re comfortable with). At my last shoot, I chose 3 topics: CEO vibes, working, and lounge & chill. I felt like these 3 topics would give me great content for social media, marketing materials, and my website & blog. Make a Pinterest board for each of these (here is mine for inspo)! Make a list of shots you want to get for each topic, plan your outfits & props, and make a list of what you’ll be using the photos for. Here’s a simple template you can use to start planning your shoot!

Wear your brand colours

This is surprisingly overlooked but having your brand colours in your brand photos LOOKS SO GOOD. It helps your online presence look much more seamless and personal. My brand colours are very neutral with pops of pastel so I wore neutral colours in my photoshoots and used props as accent colours. Look in your closet and see what clothes you already have that could be on-brand for you, borrow from a friend, or do some online shopping and find a few unique pieces you could use for your next shoot.

Choose a location that is on brand

Location is so important! If you want bright & airy photos but your home office has dark grey walls and oak furniture, you’re going to thank yourself by renting a space to get this done. When you’re looking for a space, find something that represents your brand and feels you. If you’re a food blogger, find an airbnb with a gorgeous kitchen. If you’re a photographer and do a lot of outdoorsy shoots, finding a unique nature spot would be better. For me, I decided to rent a studio (Open Space Studio) because it had a similar aesthetic to my own brand.

Hire a photographer with a style that you like & that you feel comfortable with

People often talk about finding a photographer who has an editing style that you like, but what I think is just as important, is finding a photographer that you really vibe with and feel comfortable around. My sister Kristin Town is an award-winning photographer in Kitchener-Waterloo, and is really good at making people feel super comfortable in front of the camera, so this was the perfect option for me! My partner is a film photographer so he also came along and took photos with his Mamiya.

Pre-photoshoot self-care

A lot goes into planning these shoots, so it’s normal to feel a little bit stressed the morning of your shoot! At my last shoot, I woke up feeling stressed that my skin wasn’t at its best, and I hadn’t been working out as much as usual. If you’re feeling stressed, do your fav workout, a face mask, make yourself a nice breakfast, or whatever you have to do to feel excited and ready for your shoot. Give yourself lots of time to get ready the morning of your shoot.

Bring a variety of outfits

I honestly change my outfit like 10x during a shoot, maybe more. If you’re wearing the same outfit in every photo, your photos will feel boring and you’ll get sick of them a lot quicker. I like having lots of outfits to choose from because it gives me content for 6-12 months and there is so much variety! I also like having a variety of different styles of outfits, for example, WFH style loungwear, dressed up looks, everyday looks.

Bring a variety of props

What objects do you use in the everyday of your business that you could take to your shoot? If you’re a photographer, you could take a camera (obviously), maybe some photography books that you love, your computer, blue light glasses, some prints of your favourite shots, and that ceramic mug you are always drinking from on zoom meetings.

These are all of my tips for planning a photoshoot that is modern, on-brand, and unique! I hope this helps you plan your next shoot!


Editable Photoshoot Planning Document

My Photoshoot Pinterest Boards

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