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Ready to walk away with a clear sense of your brand and a blueprint for you to follow?

Web Design

If you are an established business, this is for you! Let's create a website that converts.

Branding &
Web Design

You're ready to really stand out in your field and have people who are in love with your brand and want to work with you. 

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Because Meghan's process was so organized and thorough, I felt like I was really heard.

courtney akemi

 I know there's been a shift in the type of clients I am calling in to work with me. I want to show up more in my business because I'm so proud of how everything looks.

morgan blackman

Meghan made the process enjoyable and provided a very friendly environment. Her designs went above and beyond my expectations.

dana dimitroff

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How long does a brand & Website design project take?

My timeline for a branding project is 1-2 weeks! Website design projects vary, but on average they take an additional 3 weeks.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do! I don't want money to be the thing that is holding you back from creating your dream brand, so I offer payment plans at no additional cost!

how does the process work?

1) Fill out your application. 2) I will send you a customized proposal. 3) You will fill out your proposal, pay your $500 retainer, and choose a start date! 4) I will send you a link to our shared project Trello board with more information to prepare for the project!

can i schedule a call with you?

what web design platforms do you use?

do you offer any other services?